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The surface charge of the protein changes the recombination frequency to the cell membrane


PTEN is a protein molecule that traverses the cytoplasm and the cell membrane and has the function of dephosphorylating PIP3 on the cell membrane. PTEN is known as a tumor suppressor gene and it is known that cells become cancerous if PIP3 dephosphorylation on the cell membrane does not function well. Mutation in PTEN and […]

Neutral buoyancy of photocurable resin


Three-dimensional structure of micrometer order can be made by stereolithography. In the stereolithography method, a resin cured by light is cured two-dimensionally, and a three-dimensional structure is formed by laminating (article on the stereolithography method). Various physical properties can be added to the structure by mixing a metal, magnetic fine particles, etc. into the photo-setting […]