Neutral buoyancy of photocurable resin

Three-dimensional structure of micrometer order can be made by stereolithography. In the stereolithography method, a resin cured by light is cured two-dimensionally, and a three-dimensional structure is formed by laminating (article on the stereolithography method). Various physical properties can be added to the structure by mixing a metal, magnetic fine particles, etc. into the photo-setting resin. For example, by adding magnetic fine particles to a photo-setting resin, a magnetically driven micromachine is realized. However, since the magnetically driven micromachine is affected by gravity, it has not been able to drive three-dimensionally.

Therefore, in order to drive the magnetically driven micromachine three-dimensionally, the weight of the photocurable resin was reduced. Hollow microcapsules were used for weight reduction. Since the density of the hollow microcapsule is low, neutral buoyancy was realized by mixing it with resin. Since the resin developed this time also contains magnetic fine particles, we have realized driving of a magnetically driven micromachine that has become neutral buoyant.

M Yasui, M Ikeuchi, K Ikuta. “Density controllable photocurable polymer for three-dimensional magnetic microstructures with neutral buoyancy”. Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, 201901 (2013); doi: