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  • Neutral buoyancy of photocurable resin


How to find out the cheeks dice in statistics


In famous Japaniese manga kaiji, there is a scene where the group leader will continue to win with gaming using Ikasama (fraud, Japanese word) dice. Since there are only 4, 5 and 6 faces in this dice, it can intentionally put out 4, 5 or 6 eyes. As dice are three in terms of one […]

Types of light sources used in microscopes


There are various kinds of light source used with a microscope, each having different characteristics. Therefore, you need to select the light source according to the phenomenon you want to see. Here I explain the type and characteristics of the light source. Tungsten lamp and halogen lamp Tungsten lamps and halogen lamps use thermal radiation. […]

Why is artificial intelligence being talked about?


Recently, artificial intelligence is often taken up in the news. For example, automatic translation by Google, topics of AlphaGo and automatic driving. So, why is artificial intelligence recently talked about? I will talk about deep learning (deep learning) where artificial intelligence became popular. Image processing so far I think that the most obvious example is […]